Why More and More Schools are Renting Charters for School Trips

It may seem silly for a school to charter a bus for a school-related trip, particularly when most schools have access to buses of their own. However, there are actually several very good reasons why schools may choose to do so. If you’ve been planning a school trip of your own, the following information can help you make better choices about your transportation needs and requirements.

Improved Safety

Though school bus drivers are trained on the safest ways to pick children up for school in the morning and take them back home in the evening, they are typically not trained for nor experienced with longer-distance trips. For this reason, many schools in the Midwest find it safer to charter a school bus or coach than to utilize their own buses and drivers. The safety of the students is always first priority.

A Better Bus Environment

When you choose to charter a school bus, you can rest assured that the bus you receive will be well-kept and in great condition. This is the motivation for many of today’s schools to charter buses; they want the better overall experience, not only for themselves, but for their students. Many schools have older buses with high mileage, and in many cases, those buses lack appropriate climate control for long distance trips in certain types of weather. As such, schools will often charter buses in order to ensure their students’ comfort, and to prevent putting extra mileage on their own school buses.

More Time with Students

During school trips, someone from the school typically has to drive the bus, and that means the driver misses out on a big part of the fun. Road trips are incredibly fun for kids. There’s often laughing, storytelling, singing, road games, and much more, and it’s never fun to be left out because you have to drive. Chartering a bus puts the driving in the hands of a trained professional and allows all the school faculty to enjoy the trip in its entirety – even the time spent out on the road.

Extra Amenities

When your school charters buses for your trips, you have the choice of numerous amenities that can benefit your students. These include things like onboard restrooms, which can help put a stop to accidents or frequent stops (especially when traveling with smaller children); some even come with onboard Wi-Fi for streaming a movie or staying in contact with parents at home. Most chartered buses have extra storage space, too, which is ideal for a large group of students carrying luggage, or a band carrying their instruments.

Going on a school trip can be a lot of fun, but it’s even more fun when everyone gets to participate in every part of the experience – including the road trip. What’s more, student safety and comfort should always be a priority. Well-kept vehicles, experienced and licensed drivers, and plenty of on-board amenities are sure to make your school trip memorable for a lifetime.