Got a School Trip Coming Up? Why Not Charter a Coach?

School trips are awesome for making memories. You need to take a group of high school students cross-country. Or maybe you’re going to an amusement park with the fourth-grade class. The bottom line is, if you want to make fun memories for your group, consider chartering a motorcoach. You can focus on fun and let us handle the driving.

Types of School Trips to Consider

There are numerous reasons why you might be considering a school trip. These include:

Trips we often provide for are:

  • Academic events; math bowls, science fairs
  • Athletic events; championship games
  • Field trips to museums or other educational facilities
  • Government-related trips to Springfield and Washington, DC
  • Trips to plays, movie theatres, amusement parks, and other fun outings

Many schools create field trips just as fun as they are educational, and it’s always exciting to take kids to places they have never been. Chartering a coach allows you to get to your destination comfortably and in style.

Reasons to Consider a Motorcoach

Motorcoaches offer numerous benefits for both you and your students. By far the most appreciated, we’ve heard, especially when it comes to long-distance travels, is having plenty of room. There is no need to be squished you’re your neighbor, cramped behind the seat in front of you, or not be able to stretch your legs. Hire a luxurious coach to relax on your trip.

Motorcoaches also come with several amenities that make your trip more enjoyable; AC or heat, radio and music systems, overhead monitors, Wi-Fi access for streaming movies or to check in with friends and family, onboard restrooms to prevent unnecessary stops, undercarriage and overhead storage, and more. It’s also a good alternative to the mileage and wear and tear on your vehicle, or your school’s vehicles, as well.

Why a Driver is Best

Though you may be perfectly capable of driving your students to your destination, doing so would mean you would have to miss out on the fun of the trip – and that’s often one of the most memorable parts. When you hire a driver, you do not need to miss a moment of the fun and excitement; you can truly be part of the trip. Take photos, sing songs, and make new memories with your students rather than spending the time focusing on the road. It’s a completely different experience, and one you will be glad you had.

If you are planning a school trip for your students, we are here for you: